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Welcome to the Research Mentor New

Research Mentor by PG notes in PSYCHIATRY is a platform to connect aspiring scholars with eminent mentors. Research Mentor offers step-by-step assistance and guidance in research, thesis work and publications, from proposal submission to printing, and up to publication in indexed journals. This platform is particularly useful to PG residents, who are relatively new to the field of medical research and thesis work. 


Step-by-step assistance and guidance in:

  • Topic Selection
  • Protocol Preparation
  • Data Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Editing and Review
  • Guidance with various sections of thesis (ROL, Discussion, Conclusion, Limitations etc )
  • Publication in Indexed Journals


How it works ?

Step 1 : Contact us by filling up the form below.

Step 2 : We will review your details and assign you a Mentor, who suits your study design and topic.

Step 3 : Your designated Mentor will contact you at the earliest, often within two days for initial discussions and to help you choose the services you need. 

Step 4 : Upon choosing the services required, you need to make an electronic payment for the same. Prices start at Rs. 2500/- and will depend on the services chosen. 

Step 5 : Your Mentor will start giving  you personalized, step by step instructions and guidance, over email and/or telephone, until timely completion of your thesis or research.

Step 6 : Once the study or thesis is complete, the Mentor will be available to help you publish your work in indexed journals, as per services chosen. 


Contact us form:

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is Research Mentor ?

A. Research Mentor is an online platform designed and maintained by PG notes in PSYCHIATRY, designed to connect aspiring scholars with eminent research mentors. It offers step-by-step assistance and guidance in research, thesis work and publication in indexed journals. 

Q. Who all can use Research Mentor ?

A. Anyone who is interested in medical research and publications can make use of us. Though primarily designed for psychiatry and other PG residents, we do extend our service to any one who needs step-by-step assistance and guidance in research, thesis work or publication in indexed journals. 

Q. Is it a paid service ?

A. Yes, it is. Though PG notes in PSYCHIATRY does not levy any fees for the same, you will be required to pay your assigned mentor towards the services offered. However, in select genuine cases, we do offer free or subsidized services to deserving candidates. Please contact us through the above form in case you need any further information. Please note that PG notes in PSYCHIATRY is only a platform that connects aspiring scholars with eminent researchers.  

Q. Can I outsource my research work with Research Mentor ?

A. No. We do not do or encourage outsourcing, ghost writing, 3rd party writing or plagiarism.



Research Mentor is a paid service, and cost of the same will depend on the services chosen. All payments are to be made directly with your assigned Mentor, and PGNIP2 is only a platform. Also, please note that Research Mentor by PGNIP2 only offers guidance and support in your research ventures. We do not do research for you !